BlazeDS Not Serializing Objects AS3/Flex Remoting FIXED

June 24th, 2011

So I ran into a little snag today, and I’m sure this isn’t the only post out there related to this issue, but if one of my two readers lives under a rock, this might help…

Short Story: Make sure you have an import of the object you want to serialize as, within the class that receives the data. To do this create a marker variable (aka: var vo:SomeVO;) somewhere in the class, so that cmd+shift+O does not remove your import.

Long Story: I was just finishing up refactoring a Command class in Cairngorm by moving all of my data manipulation into it’s own class, when I realized that the objects being returned through BlazeDS were no longer serialized. So I checked my VO on the Flex side to be sure I setup the RemoteClass(alias…), and that was all good. Then I checked the Java side of things to be sure it was all good. Then I started to scratch my head and wonder what in the world I did wrong. Well it turns out, with a little bit of magic, the mystery was solved (read the Short Story above).

k thx bye

At This Moment I Am…

June 19th, 2011

Working at a new company

This coming Monday will be the start of week three for me with Miller & Associates. After about three years of working with some great folks at JWT, I decided to move on to the next chapter in my life. Two weeks into the new job and things are going great (don’t jinx it). The team I work with is extremely talented, which could also be said about the entire company. [Warning: Name Dropper Alert] 2/3 of the Dallas Flex User Group (D-Flex) management are my colleagues. 1/3 sits right next to me Kevin Korngut (@kkorngut) and the other 1/3 is Jonathan Campos (@jonbcampos). To say the least, I’m really looking forward to what lies ahead, I think there is plenty of opportunity to learn and plenty of room to grow.

Being a Dad

I’m loving every moment I get to spend with my family, which includes our newest edition, my 2 month old daughter Arianna. When she’s not trying her best to keep my Wife (@meliology) and I from sleeping at night, she’s pretty amusing. For now our amusement as parents comes from staring at her lay on her back while moving her arms and legs. Other than feeding her, changing her diaper, holding her, or staring at her, you can’t expect much in return from a 2 month old. The occasional smile, whether from gas or not, does make up for all the hard work.

We’re planning to ramp up for some house hunting soon, but otherwise that’s pretty much all the major stuff going on right now. I’ll try to get some more code related posts up as soon as I can. Until then, my two readers will have to deal with what I’ve got!

Becoming an Adobe Certified Expert

April 6th, 2011

Last year I was planning to take the Flex 3 exam and spent a little time preparing for it, but never ended up going. So in keeping with my 2011 initiatives, I decided to take the Flex 4 w/AIR exam (# 9A0-129) to become an Adobe Certified Expert. I’m proud to say that I passed the exam on March 31, 2011, with an 89% score. That said, I wanted to share a few of my thoughts and recommended resources…

Why I took the exam

I’ve never really been one to think that a piece of paper with your name on it makes you a better or smarter person. It really wasn’t about anything more than taking on a new challenge and self advancement. My day to day is spent working between Flex 3, PHP and more recently Groovy on Grails, but I haven’t been able to regularly tinker with any Flex 4 stuff, so that was my challenge. As for the self advancement, I have probably spent more time actually reading through the LiveDocs in the last month than I have in the last two years. In a world where you can google a quick solution to just about everything, it takes some level of commitment to read the fine print.

How I feel now

Amazing!!! Without sounding like a cheesy infomercial, I feel a bit more confident. The feedback I have received from management has been extremely rewarding. Currently I am the only Adobe Certified Expert at the office, but I think it’s raised the level of expectation for the team. Any time you set a goal and achieve it, there are good things to come. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store!

How I studied

Adobe LiveDocs – This will become your best friend. Be sure to read the overview of the exam and grab a copy of the study guide pdf from here. Use the study guide to stay on track and cover the right material. I found myself over studying in certain areas, and got back on track when I reviewed the topics on the study guide. I literally went line by line and checked off each topic once I had a good understanding of it.

Attest – Pay the $20 for the full version. Overall I’d say this is probably the only practical testing resource available for you to practice your test taking with. I had issues with a couple of the questions, but the Attest team was quick to respond and had an update to the app in a couple of days. Aside from the mini and full exams, they also provide direct links to the topics from the official study guide. This was a huge time saver!

Study Buddy – Find a partner and “dosey doe”. Part of my success on the exam was due to studying with a friend. I convinced my colleague and good friend Aaron Benson to study with me. A great exercise was when we both created our own practice quiz based on material in the LiveDocs. Since we were both trying to outwit each other, there were a few pretty obscure questions. Google docs was helpful to put the tests together and share them.

Set a date – My goal was to get certified before my baby is born (which will be any day now). I started studying in late February and decided that March 31st would have to do. I think I scheduled my exam about 2 weeks beforehand, but my advice is to just schedule it when you start studying. It’s too easy to “forget” to schedule it, or to get a little scared when the time comes. I’m pretty sure the testing center I used allowed for rescheduling exams up to a day in advance, so if you aren’t totally prepared just reschedule it. The real point here is to set a deadline on this, just like you would any other project.

Performance Enhancing Drugs – Yep you heard it! The 3 key ingredients are sleep, ginko biloba, and on the day of the test have a peppermint candy. Sleeping is obvious, but be sure the last thing you read at night says something along the lines of SkinnableContainer or LayoutBase. Ginko Biloba is believed to improve memory and focus. I started taking it about 2 weeks before the exam, I guess it paid off but you don’t have to buy into it like I did. Now the peppermint is the ticket! Or at least my Wife likes to think so. She literally gave me a peppermint in the morning and said to have it during the exam. I guess that paid off too. Aside from the peppermint, she was pretty accommodating with my study schedule, so don’t forget to thank your significant other for their patience while you are spending the night at the library or a cafe!

Good luck on your exam!!!

Here’s to the New Year – 2011

January 5th, 2011

As usual, I’ve got a list of resolutions for the new year, but I’ve also got some exciting and life changing events to come. Let’s see if I can stay on track this year and make big things happen…


Increase my online presence – blog posts, regular tweeting, contribute to open source projects.
Become more productive – Outsource my roadblocks, find efficiencies, etc.
Get back in the gym – No brainer.

Exciting News

Being a Dad – Yep you heard that right, I’m gonna be a Dad!!! This is by far the coolest gift I’ll ever get. I’m expecting to see my little girl on April 29th, 2011.
Owning a Home – We started our hunt for a new home about a month ago, so we’ll see what happens.

Hands-on PureMVC in Hawaii

April 29th, 2010

Aloha! Last night I gave a session on PureMVC to the Hawaii Flash User Group. I really appreciate everyone who showed up (online and onsite). You can grab a copy of the code and slides from here:

You can also check out the slides below. I apologize if some of the slides are a little cluttered, this was my first community presentation so I have plenty learn and fix before my next presentation.

At any rate, I’ll be out here in Hawaii until Sunday, so if anyone wants to do any surfing or something, hit me up! Mahalo!!!

360|Flex San Jose – Wrap Up

March 24th, 2010

I just want to say a few big thanks to some important people.

  • John, Tom, Nicole for the free ticket and for hosting the best conferences!
  • Paul Taylor for letting me room with you. I enjoyed our morning walks to Starbucks and catching the VTA around town.
  • Amy and Steve for lunch and laughs.
  • Ben, Jacob and Tyler for Reflex.
  • Ryan for the free sushi. (Or should I thank Adobe?)
  • Doug for being the “Conference Crasher”.
  • Greg for the heads up.
  • Mike for getting me to the airport.
  • Jon for chillin at the airport.
  • and everyone else that showed up to the conference!!!

360 Conferences offer everyone the opportunity to sit with the big dogs, learn a ton, get free stuff and meet tons of people in the industry. I highly recommend going to a 360 Conference for anyone who is passionate about their work. See you at the next conference!!

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360|Flex San Jose – Day 3

March 24th, 2010

Jeff Tapper – Ouch, it hurts when I do that.

I only got to stay for the first half of the day, so that’s the only session I went to. Which means I also missed Nate’s revenge…ugh.

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360|Flex San Jose – Day 2

March 24th, 2010

Paul Robertson – Building iPhone apps using the Flash Platform

Jacob and Tyler Wright – Reflex: Rethinking Component Design

Elad Elrom – Building Applications using Test Driven Development (TDD)

Anthony Franco – Panel – How to Speak To Executives To Get What You Want

Pics below:

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360|Flex San Jose – Day 1

March 24th, 2010


Deepa announces that all Flex Data Viz components are now packed within the Flex open source SDK. Meaning, no more watermark for open sourcers.

Michael Labriola – Apocalypse Soon? The remaking of Flex Components

Drew McClean & RJ Owen – Obey: Building a Rules Engine with AS3 and the Hamcrest API

Huyen Tue Dao – Greenthreading in Flex

Pics below

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360|Flex San Jose – Hands on Sessions

March 24th, 2010

Fortunately enough I sat down to eat dinner next to Justin Mclean the night before. So I also got the inside scoop on what he was going to discuss (Flex + Hardware), as well as an open seat to join in since I wasn’t signed up. During the break I jumped into the Robotlegs session with Joel Hooks. Both sessions were great, but because Justin was giving away free Arduino kits, I felt indebted to him and spent most of the day in there.

Here are some photos from the sessions. To say the least, it was awesome, I also got a free Arduino kit, enough said…and thanks Justin!

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